27 February 2011

thoughts between cups of tea

today i pay the universe back. someone very dear to me once did something for me i cannot possibly repay. and today i have the chance to pay the universe back.

i can't say this will be easy or that i will not break down. i remember picking up aforementioned person after implied "thing (and/or) action," and he was sobbing. that memory sticks in my mind like toffee candy in my mouth. it's not a good thing, but it's not a bad thing either. it's certainly not neutral.

and now, on my way to doing what it is i'm going to do, i make a couple of cups of tea. the first one wakes me up. the second makes me pause. someone else very dear to me gave me those various blends of tea for my birthday. it's such a small gesture that means so much to me. tea nourishes my mind, my soul. and in these moments, even though i'm not around him, i feel his warmth, love and good nature through those cups of tea. and for that, i'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to tell him, very simply, "thank you."

and now, off to start my day. kthx. baiii.


Steve A said...


Casey Jones said...

So glad to see you posting!
You are a truly wonderful writer.

calitexican said...

thanks you two.