18 September 2010

dream show

so, this show happened in el lay awhile back that was pretty much one of my dream shows: pilar diaz opening up for aterciopelados. while i was able to see both of them recently, if separately, the combo of these two within the span of a few hours might have just blown my mind.

pilar posted a video up on her website. i believe it is a newish song of hers, but i might be mistaken. i first heard it at the show in SF, and there were people singing along. oh, those megafans ;)

13 September 2010

purikura adventures (SMFF)

in a couple of posts down i hinted at hanging out w/ rio and meli. so here's a video that rio made while we were creating our purikura pics. upon seeing the results, someone told me, i needed to take my "photoshop" away. NEVER!! heehee.

and to see the rest of the pics, please look here. and read about our SMFF time here.

ok.....time for me to think about something else now. kthx.

10 September 2010

9 years ago today

right now (well, time change makes it not quite exact) i was getting ready to get off of work and go out w/ the ex, the roommates, the co-workers, the friends.

got my first cell phone. a red nokia. oh hai, why do i have a crappy area code?

drank ourselves silly until 2 to 4 in the morning. i don't remember. it was a monday. we were in our early 20s.

ended up saving our friend's life. he was late to work on tuesday. good thing too because about 100 of his coworkers died that day. 103rd floor of the WTC. he was one of two boys from birmingham, england that worked in that building. the other one didn't make it.

PTSD is starting to set in. i feel it in the forearms. i hate this feeling. and tomorrow, tomorrow will feel like it was yesterday. as it has for the past 8 years. what a godawful horrible horrible day that was.

and the day after that when the smell of death and old burnt computers and asbestos lingered in the air. i will never forget that smell and i hope to never smell it again.