27 August 2010


well, not quite broken writer blocks, but i'm beginning to see the cracks in the foundation in the brick wall currently residing in my brain. phew.........

i realize a lot of my creativity is currently being usurped by developing different aspects of the (hopefully) ongoing anti-oppression series i've been involved with as of late. these epic marathon meetings remind me of stuff my mom used to drag me to when i was little and bored. always running to find a corner to hide in or a desk to crawl under and read a book. always reading a book. tonight's meeting? 4.5 hours. newaze....

this past week has been pretty jam packed full of bloggie 2.0 collisions. started with the mission icons in a time of change exhibit over at the levis workshop. ran into my buddy dean and made him my "plus one" cause his roommate, my original "plus one" was like whatevers, later.

so we stuck around and had a randomly fun evening. the kind that are best found in SF, but do exist, to a certain extent, in nyc.

which turned into

4 faces of dean

which eventually turned into

Black, grey & red all over

and DEN it lead to this:

and then we made plans to do this.

so... yah! super fun meeting you rio! finally the sanfranciverse collided in awesome ways. yet again.

the CTX + ms. grosa con a huge directing dash of rio coming soon to a bloggie flickr page near you.

and for now. that. is. all.


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m e l i g r o s a said...

we be so fantasticooooooooo