29 June 2010

summer suns

as i've been spending a lot of time away from the introspection that i normally tend to delve into when left alone with my thoughts (a dangerous pastime...i know), i haven't been posting as much lately.

but apparently i've accumulated some time watching the sun set.

sometimes i'm alone.

White buttery sunset

sometimes i'm with a special someone.

Saturday sunset

sometimes i'm with lots of special someones.

The HMB bike posse

and yes, it's cold in california here in the summertime. sometimes.

Fun in the sun & sand

sometimes it's not cold and the sun is a blaze of fiery orange as it fades into the ocean, continuing to race its way across the globe in the way it has been for as long as the earth has been turning upon its axis.

Butter sunset 3

the sun helps calm me down and put things into perspective. perhaps this is why i'm fascinated with it. and why not? constant and steady. these are things that i like right now, and will like for the foreseeable future.

that is all. for now. i hope all is well.