03 May 2010

really really?

seriously, this arizona stuff has gotten way out of hand. being from a state that everyone puts through the shitter, i do have some sympathy for the people of arizona, but my goodness...the change which you guys have tried to put into effect within the past two weeks has been pretty fucking amazing.

wow. just wow.

it's so ridiculous i don't even want to really comment on it. so i'll post some more uke love from my favorite chilean valley girl, pilar diaz, who has some thoughts on this subject matter.

this is her new video for "ilegal en estyle." the song is a probably a couple of years old by now, but definitely very timely for the silly (illegal) nonsense that is going on in arizona.

Ilegal En Estyle

Yo no cruzo la frontera con mis tenis marca brinca me llevan al norte
En avión sin bigotes en tur bus, no a pata
No correr
No correr

Ilegal En Estyle

Aunque sea una persona de ultima moda
La gente me persigue por otra cosa,
Nado en la piscina, no en el río
Es un frío y todo lo que es tuyo, es mío
Lo que es tuyo, es mío
Lo que es tuyo, es mío
Lo que es mío, es tuyo

Otra realidad, ser un ilegal

um, did yall see that calaca on the back of her ride? raaaaad! and yah, so is the song.

hearts y halos y todo y erreting.


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m e l i g r o s a said...

SQ simon Lo que es tuyo, es mío - y lo mío es tuyo
essept for las beers mkayyy, dat #nokiero yours y mines separados.
para llevar y T&T DFWTG sin crema con MPV
c/s la mgrsa