29 April 2010

ukelele love

y'all know i love the uke. here's a cute video with a red shaped ukulele. waaaaaat? so cute!

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22 April 2010

"i want to scratch you when you've got an itch..."

Now playing: Girl In A Coma - I'll Ask Him
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Now playing: Girl In A Coma - El Monte
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i'm constantly surprised and utterly delighted.
you show me, "it could all be so simple."
the water was ready,
and the water was hot.
i guess i really am a simple girl, am i not?

i continue to melt, daily.
gathering into a sweet clear pool on the ground.
i move and i change,
the water inside unfailingly growing and swelling
in the slight humid breeze the day-to-day brings.

i remain lassoed in by that one look,
that one day months ago in the early morning sun.
those infamously adorable crinkles illuminated
not by its rays,
but by the light from yours.

you continue to challenge me in ways
i thought were forever closed.
and instead now i find myself
and wanting
"to scratch you when you've got an itch."