08 February 2010

the third musketeer!

a few posts ago i told the love i have of my brother from another mutha, mr. tuna. well, this one, fernie flowers, is the third member in our musketeer crew.

fernie flowers

he came to town not that long ago. we hung out in hayes valley and just watched the world go by as i sipped some cawfee. observed some african beats while an old man offered his coat to his female companion. saw little girls kicking a soccer ball around, saw dogsdogsdogs and lots of smiles.

fernie and me

we walked around, got a bike light for me and then we passed by the place that tuna, fernie and i first worked together during law school. i don't have that pic, but fernie does.

i miss those guys and am happy they can come to visit every now and then! (more nows please, kthx.)

so thanks for all the good times and memories you two baboons. can't wait to make some more :)

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