20 January 2010

my brother from another mother

tuna looney tunes was in SF for a few hours and graced us with his rare presence.

i miss him. i've known him since 2004. we've been pretty good buddies ever since :)

we've both got boos, we both live in other places, and i guess these things take up a lot of our time. but every time we get together, we can get as serious and talk about racial politics in california or issues in the law or how to take the bar OR we can get as silly and ridiculous as we both possibly can in front of another person.

he's got quite a way with words, even if english escapes him sometimes and he pulls out a crowd favorite quote: oh, please excuse me, english is my second language.

so, here's to my lil' bro from anotha mutha. a sequence from our short evening together with lady b. one quote of the year so far was: "how many times have we gotten drunk together? a lot, huh?"

oh hai, we're looking at something in the distance.

SVN hooligans
oh hai, i'm looking at shadows. tuna says, huh?

Me, Tee y Bee
lady b is like, enough already. gnight fooooos.

and with that, i must say good night. love you toones y lady bee! wheeee :)

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