30 January 2010

don't cry for me....bobertinahhhh

awhile ago i fell hard and fast for someone who fell hard and fast for me. we were attached at the hip for a few months, and i knew it was going way too fast to have any chance of sustaining this furious pace. when we parted, it broke my heart in a zillion little pieces.

A Calculating Catterpillar

why do i talk about this now? well, bobertina, as he has been recently coined, was OBSESSED with pinball machines and 80s arcades. he had a few in his house and was constantly tinkering around with them trying to make them work.

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the other day i went to a bar with punchy. i was, for some reason, mesmerized with this spiderman pinball machine.

spidey pinball machine

it was pretty trippy.

spidey pinball machine

spidey pinball machine

spidey pinball machine

i would have been able to stare at it for hours, but i felt i was being rude to punchy. so i didn't.

and the growing part for me, was that i didn't make the bobertina connection until after i got home. but i do think i wouldn't be true to myself had i not at least acknowledged the connection.

but seriously, those lights are trippppy and fascinating.

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