18 January 2010

3 years in 3 minutes

through a friend and former classmate i've joined forces with a group of 4 (now 5) who are facilitating a series of workshops regarding anti-racist/anti-oppression. the group prior to me comprised of 4 guys. i'm the only female and the only latin@. i joined them because i thought that voice was missing and was needed for this group to have credibility. they agree, obviously, by asking me to be a part of it.

who is our audience? how did this group come about? the origins of this group stem from NLG, the national lawyer's guild. these few came together and devised this workshop for CLE credit for attorneys. given the success and positive feedback, they started thinking of tailoring this series for law students, namely students at boalt and at hastings for beginners.

today was our first meeting with just the 5 of us. the 2 times before i had met up with them, the first was to propose to boalt our outline for funding purposes. the 2nd time was to introduce ourselves to the boalt students and get familiar with the physical space we would be in for the 6 times we will meet.

tonight? well, it was pretty intense for all of us. we were modeling our first class, which is later this week, and we are starting off talking about our experiences in law school. giving our rather severe time constraint of less than one hour per session, we practiced timing ourselves. 3 minutes to talk about our experiences over three years.

yah, intense. i heard intense things from others. i, myself, cried in front of strangers, something i don't easily do. i said things in front of two white men i would never have said prior to this evening. while looking right at them too. i saw one of them get tears in his eyes, and lots of clearing throats and thanks for sharing.

what i had to say wasn't pretty, it wasn't comfortable, but i guess it was brimming right there and i blurted it out. i have no idea if i was coherent, but in a sense, i guess i was since i know i got my point (one of many) across.

and, i'm still thinking about it. i'm still emotional over it. but i have to just stop this here and say goodnight everyone. have a great night's sleep.

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