20 December 2009

ukelele love

there are few things more awesome than a ukelele. here are a few videos to share that show why:

the first was shared my by uke playing friend, the former iceskater.

these are two videos that my music friend crush, pilar diaz made. the first is demonstrating her love for her personal ukes (pink flying v anyone?!) along with a little bit of a history lesson. the second was made by texans for obama. (yes, i heard there were a few) for their campaign back a year and a presidency ago.

and meligrosa sent me this earlier this week. it's been making the rounds of the interwebs this week:

and to bring it back full circle to my uke playing iceskater friend, i was at her place one day when she was trying to learn "i'm yours" on the uke, and her roommate was on the guitar. FUN and cute.

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Jennifer said...

Have you seen Jake Shimabukuro?

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puSkP3uym5k

I have a uke, but I don't know how to play it.

BTW, you replied to a comment I left on bitchcakesny's flickr. Just so I don't seem like a creepy random person.

calitexican said...

no i haven't! thanks for the link :-) he's pretty amazing.

yay, thanks bitchcake's flickr stream & thanks for commenting.

the CT

Dottie said...

Do you know Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls? She pulls out some great ukelele songs in concert. And posts ukelele YouTube blogs! Like this gem.

calitexican said...

oooh, dottie! thanks :) will check it out! i can't wait to put a uke in my hands.