13 December 2009

rain rain go away

and come back, NEVER.


i did a teeny bit of california christmas shopping yesterday for my texas peeps. it was raining and that was NOT cool in that i wasn't counting on finding so many reasonably priced deals for my friends and family. as such, i had a little problem fitting everything in my [UPDATED: bike] basket and out of the rain.

but i did it and everything is fine and survived in tact.

now it's time to hang things up and do laundry, my absolute FAVORITE thing to do.


Steve A said...

You don't actually SAY so, but it sounds like you were shopping with your bike? My trunk won't accommodate a whole bunch of Christmas presents - the big side bags are on my own "wish list."

calitexican said...

you are right. and yes, i was shopping with bici #2 which has a large front basket and a back rack. i haven't much utilized the old school schwinn back rack until yesterday when i was wising for some rather large waterproof panniers.