24 December 2009

fonda san miguel. home away from home

the mama texican, the co-bro and i have been to our favorite locale, our home away from home, fonda san miguel for the past 2 evenings. some may even say it's our "local."

Merry navidad.

let's just say, the wine is rad. the red is chilled jusss a LIL' bit, and boy, does it ever go down easier that way.

Cellar of secretos

the conversation flows all night as the regulars come and go.

Co-bro y mama texican

and the food? well ,the mole....the mole is so awesome, that i actually don't care (too) much that it has chicken stock. BAD vegetarian! but the enchiladas were veggies. oh my oh my. i am considering how to transport some mole home.

Gotta keep em saturated...

Looking up

Home base...

cafecito anyone?

Co-bro sipping a cafecito

and now, it's time to go home. good night everyone!

Straddle the saddle.

sigh. i love austin and getting quality time in with the mama texican and the co-bro

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