05 December 2009


so...yeah. my mom jokingly calls the sort of psychic ability that has appeared now and then throughout the time we've been together on earth "espn." yes, it makes me giggle.

i've had this type of connection before. i've talked about it here before with the indonesian earthquake. clearly, it has happened before since the mama texican has obviously known me longer than this blog has been around, and thus she has added the term to our family language lexicon.

on friday i was going to hang out with my new favorite lady couple. but during the afternoon, i was requested to show up an hour later than i was expecting.

an hour to do what exactly? my mind was spinning. and i get antsy very easily. a leftover from nyc timing, i'm sure. why? well, because: 1. an hour is not that much time. 2. going home is out of the question cause my house is like quicksand and i get sucked in once through the door. 3. i don't really drink coffee that much. 4. i don't have the money to shop, but 5. shopping and cafes are sort of about the right amount of time to waste, and the neighborhood i was going into has many of these sorts of things to do.

stop one: tea &, gasp, a newspaper. what are those anymore?

stop two: a store that has clothes that i used to buy in nyc. i ended up trying on hats. i like a hat i tried on. if i still think about it in a few days or a week, i will return for said hat.

stop three: thrift store. where the ESPN happened.

more background:
rewind to san antonio, texas in the late 1990s. i am in an antique-ish shop with my family that does not sell clothes. i notice a blue jean jacket hanging way above door level. i'm drawn to the 70s collar. i ask to take it down. i learn it's a late 60s levi's jacket because of A, B & C. whether or not that is true, i have no idea. i purchase the jacket for probably around 2o bucks.

fast forward to 2007. last time i was in nyc (and that is waaaayyy too long, i might add). i am traveling to see the mama texican in brooklyn and i just took the red eye from SF. in my red-eyed blurriness, i left my beloved jean jacket on the subway since it is unexpectedly not the same weather in SF and NYC in september, the temperatures of both i know are rather comparable. i am very upset when i realize the jacket is gone, but i know things are just things, and if it was time to leave me, so be it.

in between the late 90s and 2007, precisely in 2004, i moved to california for "some reason." in order to gain residency to not pay those goddamn out of state fees, i took a picture at the dmv.

this picture was affectionately referred to as the "mexican farrah fawcett" califas drivers license.

the jean jacket made that outfit.

friday night, i found the jacket, or, rather, a facsimile thereof. it has the same color, the same feel and fit, the same tags, the same buttons, the same collar.

granted, this may not be the same jean jacket. i am fully aware of it. however i remain hopeful for a few reasons:

1. drawn into this store i've never been in before.

2. that was literally the first piece of clothing i saw on the womens' jackets rack.

3. the sanfrooklyn bridge has been in operation for quite some time, so it's not entirely inconceivable. if i found it in texas, i would have a harder time believing it.

4. smiles.

uyyy cucui...

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