18 December 2009

boy roommates are great reason #8950295

ok, really it's reason #1 articulated thus far.

crouching tiger, drunken roommate as seen here is rad because...

1. i am washing dishes in a tank with my bra showing through very tacky like, but hey, i'm HOME and i'm doing dishes and i didn't expect him home after he made a big show of saying goodbye merely 2 hours earlier since he was going farfar away on a jet plane.

2. he stumbles home, clearly wasted. i've been in his place before (minus the dishes-washing, tank top & visible bra), so i'm ready to put in my karma points worth.

3. after an hour or so, and after he clearly cannot stop his mind from racing and racing and racing....i tell him to shut the hell up and go to his room.

have you ever even dared try to do that to a girl roommate no matter what gender you are? yah, good luck with that. then again, i'm not a big fan of confrontation. but will do so if need be, as the case was tonight.

4. he understood, apologized, ducked into his room after promises of genuine mexican tequila as a christmas present.

thanks. and good night. ;)

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