12 November 2009

tmi thursdays. oh, hai...

so, i rode around a lot doing theengs today...

when i got home, i wanted to make pastas con fake meat y beggies.

i cook mainly for myself cause i'm me... so tonight, i did the same. and i opened up the fridge and get out my fake meat stuff.

as i'm cutting my said meat product... my first thought was, "oh, mold grows on processed food?"

right on. so i've been asking around, and i've been asking for a tongue-in-cheek description of the "meat " in question....so this is what iiiiiisz got people:

santiago el gacho pacho or.... jaime, el ojete

so yeah, there ya go. unpuzzle it and i'll buy you 2 drinks of your choice, not over a certain amount i'll discuss in person. if you do not live in SF and do know the answer first (ahem, mama texican...) we can discuss other options. winkies.

and i'm listening to the hippie colombian musica de aterciopelados con el mr. diaz (not his real name). "thank god," he says, his head in his hands. but as such, he is now in el bloggie.


and its a buenas nachos ladies and gentemen.

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