25 November 2009


ever since i cracked open the 'puter (yes, i do call her that) this morning and read fat cyclist's thanksgiving post i've been thinking about what i've been grateful for this past year.

1. i am grateful i got my sanity back. i don't know where it went for a few years there, but i only recently re-obtained it. that, to me, means more than anything i could have done or received this year. that means i can finish things i need to do. thank you.

2. i am grateful to love others and be loved in return.

3. i am grateful that i have met so many new people this year and strengthened relationships with others i have known for awhile (see 1 above).

4. i am grateful for food and being able to eat it.

5. i am grateful for good beer and being able to drink it.

6. i am grateful for a place to lay my head every night.

7. i am grateful for the pleasant weather we've had this year that enables me to ride my bicis without too much fuss.

8. i am grateful to be alive.

9. i am grateful my computer still works.

10. i am grateful for healthy san francisco.

i miss my family in texas and i wish them a great holiday!

time to enjoy the quiet streets of san francisco. mwahahahahaha. ;-) (this means being in bed watching the matrix...)


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so much to be thankful for. blessed.

Yokota Fritz said...

Right on right on.

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