03 November 2009

sunday, what a day

so, sunday happened. that was an eventful day. time change! extra hour to sleep in, right? wrong.

so i finally drag the boo to eat brunch. he wanted to go to this hipster diner that he thought would not be overrun with them. wrong.

so we go to a mexican place (yessss....chilaquiles are my weakness), and sit in the window. as we are sitting there, we see a latina mom and daughter combo roll up on bikes and park right in front of us. they then come inside.

here are their bikes.

Missing flag

seeing them made me happy. and made me think accessibility is only as difficult as we make it. more on that later.

then the boo and i walked to big box central to price some things. our ultimate destination was another corporate store for this soap the boo absolutely goes nuts over.

one, two, skip a few..., 99, 100!

now it's sunday night, can't sleep. oh look at that, it's 3am, that really means it's 4 in my head. i still haven't done my altar. shit. not gonna have enough time tomorrow. but hey, at least we got the super cute drawing of meli's to show around for our bike ride on monday. oh wait that's today.

and the sun shines brightly through my window like a technicolor 60s film at 6am.

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