25 November 2009

"one minute you are on top of the world...

the next minute some secretary is running over your foot with a lawnmower."
--joan to don in the hospital waiting room.

Mikael over at copenhagenize has this funny post about how dangerous lawnmowers are. (but seriously, they can be.) apparently the brilliant writers over at mad men are also aware of these things (perhaps they read copenhagenize in the future), and created my all time favorite mad men episode. ever. EVER.

if it is true, and in this season each episode was to take after a different movie genre, then this one was definitely horror (by the way, i am not sure that theory holds up towards the end of the season when the plot plopped itself down in the drivers seat and said, "if any one of you dare talk, i am going to pull this car right over and smack you with the chancla and wooden spoon i've so conveniently brought along for this exact purpose. we have a destination, and this is the way we are going.").

geez, plot, chill out already. maybe you should ride a bike instead ;)

anyway, so yah, if you haven't seen the screen shots from this episode, who am i to stop you now?

that last picture is so brilliant in so many ways...

screencaps by tom & lorenzo and madmenshow.com respectively.


Trisha said...


I hate riding past lawn mowers. Haven't read the Copenhagenize story, but I love the picture.

calitexican said...

i LOVELOVELOVE mad men. this season was so great. my favorite so far. and my love for that episode was even greater.

luckily for me, i don't ride in the city where there are too many lawnmowers. otherwise, i would hope not to be in that last screen shot, only that foot is of me! ;)

and ew........