03 November 2009

lots of bicis and calacas = heavenly friday

bicis and skulls are two of my favorite things. this past weekend was chock full of both.

friday was critical mass, SF halloween edition. i know critical mass is controversial, i completely see both sides of the argument. the high schooler in me is all, yah, let's fuck shit up!! we are traffic!! the adult (yes, i think there's one in there somewhere) in me thinks there are more productive things to do in order to increase awareness.

either way, i do believe dottie said it best, "but I love [critical mass] as a big ball of bikey happiness."

so i went, didn't have time to put together the costume i wanted. so, i had some face paint lying around in anticipation of dia de los muertos, so i put on my calaca face.

Calaca. Me.

then i hopped on bici, paper flowers attached. along the way i tried to recruit some peeps who turned out to be out of town or just had their bike recently stolen (again....). so i just went thinking i might see people i know. and i did. and tons of people i didn't know.

like the bay bridge, complete with fallen cables:

The bay bridge.

mary poppins:

Mary Poppins.

and wonder woman:
Wonder mixte

then i found some people i did know:

Silver. Argyle. LMG.

and then later adrienne and the rest of the clan chan minus the bday boy. and adrienne was showing mikael from copenhagen cycle chic and copenhagenize around the city. he was in san francisco to give a talk that i will discuss in a post soon.

we all agreed there was too many people, too many crazy things were going on around us, so we broke off early from the group and decided to go eat in the mission. meli and KT met up with us to eat. nomnomnom.

we went to go eat ethiopian

Bike. Beer.

mikael passed out the i bike CPH (copenhagen) pins to all of us. isn't it adorable? cute marketing works.

then we went for a drink at this bar that has mariachis in the mission. yes, that ONE bar.

then we stayed out even later, then it was time to ride home.

and just thinking about friday has me exhausted...phew. but then there's saturday and sunday and monday. this weekend was like a 4 day weekend without the 2 days off of work.


m e l i g r o s a said...

such a fun weekend. much loves to skull bici girl powers!! weeee - ok and james and mikael and declan :D

the calitexican said...

wonder women om mixtes and batties. yeah, i guess the boys can be included...pffffft. eyyyy, we're all badassssses.