03 November 2009

dia de los muertos 2009 SF style

i forgot about trying to make it out to oakland like i have in the past. here's a little diddy about a couple of years old. i collaborated on it with my friend mika. cameo by susa. we were/are interested in the military recruitment in minority neighborhoods, and had heard that this festival was heavily represented with recruiters in 2006. we didn't see them in 2007. doesn't mean they weren't there...

in 2007 a lot of crapola happened. namely the coinciding of two large events in my life. i have always celebrated dia de los muertos, but when one loses a parent, i do believe it does take on a larger role or significance in one's life. and i don't think i was really ready to do it for real in my heart for the past 2 years until this year.

so i knew i wanted to paint my face, do the altar on my bici, make paper flowers, etc. i already showed you one face that i used on friday for critical mass

Melissa by [Zakkalicious / Mikael].
photograph by Mikael Coleville-Anderson, a total badasss

so i had to make another one.

White & plastic.

then we met up for the bike ride from the panhandle to the mission. *honeychild* took some good pics of meli, ade and myself. and some arms and hands which may or may not be hiding a certain person named declan.

pre-ride posing by *Honeychild*.
photo by *honeychild*

then *honeychild* and meli entertained a bus stop for a little bit.
IMG_7364 by *Honeychild*.
photo by random on *honeychild*'s camera

mother, faces and son's face.
IMG_7378 by *Honeychild*.
photo by *honeychild*

heard lots of michael jackson, but as adrienne noted, we didn't see one farrah altar. since the procession was huge, i'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. also, what about patrick swazye? and john hughes, and the rest of those lost in the summer of death (coined by micheal k of dlisted)...

to see lots and lots more pics, please go here. i can't keep up! i suspect there will be more tomorrow and the day after, etc.

there were lots of people. lots of cops behind us blowing their motorcycle exhaust on us. coughcough.

then pupusas, bikey home, and then beddy time. and that was the end of monday. phew. but in a good way.

lots of bikes, baskets, bikey friends, bikey good times, good memories from this weekend. it's officially going down as a winner. blue ribbon. gold star. heartheart.

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