23 November 2009

cafe tacuba hits up oakland.

yah, they did. and they kinda brought the house down. i think the fox theater is still intact though.

lights, camera, musica.

meli and omar singin' da tunes.

some lucky sunsofbeeches got to go up on stage and jump around and sing. i bet they were floating on air the rest of the night.

this pretty much sums up the evening. the whole theater hearts CT. thanks guys ♥

until next time. better not be 5 years from now!


r o m a said...

yeah the fox is intact...unlike my body that took one hella of a beating...
fun times tho...
ROCK ON!!!!!

calitexican said...

my body did too. didn't really feel it until two days later...which is today. great memories. so much fun even though "i feel broken, beaten down/can't even get around/without an old man cane."

i'd do it over again in a heartbeat ;)