26 October 2009

tandem with duby

in thinking about whether or not to participate in the upcoming halloween edition of critical mass, i realized i forgot to post about last month!!

my bike riding buddy duby moved down south into the vortex of southern california, which seems to suck most of my friends into it with its alluring tractor beams of opportunity, space, and warm weather, among other things. before he did that though, we decided to ride one last critical mass. on a tandem bike.

we thought it was fitting since we had talked about renting one and riding it around before he left. neither of us had ridden one before, and we got a little taste of riding multi-person biking while riding around the fun cycle from the mission to fisherman's wharf after one of the sunday streets that happened in the mission.

picty by duby

so, here's the tandem we rented:

we were more than a little unsteady at the beginning of the ride, but we adjusted quickly. fast learning curve. we realized we just needed more momentum than just practing riding in circles in justin herman plaza.

once we found our footing, we were offfffff!

here we are on the tandem around fisherman's wharf. duby is in his pajama costume. i'm not cause i forgot we were supposed to dress up.


we counted 3 other tandems out there. we also got a lot of smiles and comments. this guy was particularly friendly, and man, look at that belt.

we had a good time, and ended the evening with some bad ass pizza in glen park. nomnom.

here's a couple of pics that meli took of both duby's and my first critical mass. that day was also the first time we met meli...while she was on a tandem. :)

vulcan by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

2ble panda by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

here's to enjoying the sunshine, being outside and having bikes be the best medicine for happiness & a great way to make friends.

so, i miss riding bikes with you duby! hopefully we can do so again soon.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Woman! You are coming to Mass on the 30th! 'Nuff said.

the calitexican said...

haha. i still have to get my outfit...but that is usually already in my closet. :)

m e l i g r o s a said...

Im so happy I soooo happy I randomly met you and duby that day. so so cool <3 que lindo!!

the calitexican said...

i know! it was totally meant to be. thanks sf and critical mass and tandems and dubys and (s)melys and melis. :) heart heart. such a good weekend. so glad i went to both of the mentioned critical masses.