21 October 2009

so, as i clumsily described earlier, i was having a rather rough start to the day...

then i decided at lunch to call the docs and see what's upppppp with my cough cough/mocosa self.

turns out i have to go back to the pharmacy of 4 hours of my life wasted to get what i need. and then be grateful and outraged at the same time....that reference is for another day...

then i meet up with @elitegripes to go to an ivy league meeexter. along the way we think of this sentiment and proceed to post it to the twitterverse:

@elitegripes: going to ivy league alumni event, worried no other people of color will be there.

um, yah, it's funny, but that's no joke. so we go...and...we actually have a good time. imagine that. @elitegripes also runs into other west coasters that he knows, and it's all good. i also run into fellow calitexicans, well, he's actually a calitexan. a similar breed to myself, but still pretty different. i would liken the comparison to a golden retriever and a golden doodle.

moving on...

we then walk to "the" corner. wouldn't you like to know? where we proceeded to have a fantastic dinner. i say this as a veggie, and @elitegripes is a former veggie/vegan, so he is a strong sympathizer.

corner vino. empty. sad.

i have to say, this is the 2nd time i went and NOMNOMNOM...this time. FAR superior. we chowed down. and then betwix dinner and desssssert, EG proceeded to think of:

@elitegripes: not able to sign into yelp on palm pre to give glowing review of new american restaurant before everyone else.

honestly, and i say this as a 16 year vegetarian...that was one of the best meals i've had at a restaurant as a veggie. ever. top 5 for sure. it's so hard to say that at non veggie places. even at veggie places too cause the flavor is kinda non-existant or simply yummy in a comfort food kind of way. here... the flavors were so complex, just kept going and pleasing the palate after the mouthful was down the drain. and you just don't get that as a veggie usually. as a foodie, yes, but not as a veggie.

oh, and the wine was good. sangiovese. sigh.

i should probably mention @elitegripes liked his chicken because it was "cooked perfectly...and it's hard to do..."

so the rest of the night went like this:

corner still life

corner bici horsepower

i go outside and talk with the chef, not knowing he was the chef, and i blurt out my: thiswasagreatdinnerahmveggieandahdon'tsaythatlightlyandhey, why are you...looking...at me like that....

then he says, he's interested in what i have to say as a vegetarian because he's the chef, and the next time i go in to be sure & say oh, hai.
and i continue, andyoudoweirdfish/benderstoocause...admthefakefish&chipsaretodieforbuti'mstillnotabigfanofthe buffalogirls....and (take a deep mocosssssful breath here):

and i end with: ok, i will.

so...it was a nice night afterall. long day today, long day tomorrow. i know, i know... tiny violin playing............my favorite lil piece of classic. and yes, am listening to it now.

Now playing: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Henryk Szeryng & Sir Neville Marriner - Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BWV 1041: II. Andante
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then i text the boo to tell him i got home ok & this is what transpired:

buenas nachos peeps.

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