29 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition, ey?

1. while approaching 7th and market, an OG cholo with the ponytail and rubber bands all down the tail part said and nodded to me, "one less car, ey?" i was sort of stunned, that i just nodded with the hipster che hat and aviators, looking a lil CHiPs firme myself. he says, "thasss right," and crosses the street. i stare at his ponytail wondering if that just happened.

2. while still processing the above, an even older OG cholo steps out into the street while looking behind him. i almost ran right into him. watcha pendejo.

3. a jumper on 17th and valencia closed off valencia for 7 hours. i was like, wtf is going on here? what a mess. i believe the jumper was talked down.

4. at 19th and valencia, just two blocks and down the street: shooting for that new NBC show, trauma. did it get just a little meta in here guys, or is it just me?

5. my mind processing the cholo incidents, the real life trauma and the fake life trauma on the way to the boo's. i even said, "that was so fucking meta."

6. the cough of perpetual insistence TM is sort of subsiding. no extreme coughing fit due to riding bici. yay.

7. feeling the first slight SF chill of fall. brrrrr.

and life goes on. have a great ride everyone!


Adrienne Johnson said...

Too bad you didn't have hydraulics on the bici. 'Cause, you know, it ain't nada if it don't got the jump. At least, so I am told.

Trauma. Must. Die.

Jumper on Valencia- must have missed it. The continuation of the great hipster implosion?

the calitexican said...

the cranes of trauma's lights coming down totally scared me as we were eating. i thought it was going to one, crush a bike parked next to it and two, the crane's arm swung towards us and i envisioned it breaking the glass & my head and stuff.

according to mission local, they think the jumper was living in the SRO in the building where he was. i'm guessing mental issues. perhaps exascerbated on by the hipsters and the recent marina types i've seen teetering around lately.

the calitexican said...

oh yeah, and hydraulics?! that would be badasss, ey? heehee.

Monique said...

a fun filled day...lol

the calitexican said...

it sure was!! more than just another day on the bike! i think riding around is the best way to observe the going-ons in the city, and that is always fun ;)