05 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: case of the mondays edition

1. snot rockets. and no, not mine. ewwwwwww. :)

2. more wind. which brings on aforementioned snot rockets and my persistent cough.

3. beekeeper store! but closed. sad face. i want/need local honey! not sure if the farmer's market in the metreon has it. guess i have a walking expedition at work. the mama texican swears by the honey for allergies. i've seen it, i believe it. as i'm a savory person, this is not exactly a treat, but i could get some lemons to help take it down. i'm up for that.

4. hardly strictly bluegrass. turns out my prediction was sort of correct, but the timing was unfortunate for lyle & steve. i did see robert earl keen and got extremely homesick. and, true to form, i liked the "hardly strictly" part of the festival more than the bluegrass. just the way i was made people.

5. colma bart & serra bowl. as part of the bowlicious betties we (ok, I) bowled a horrendous first game, and we (I) got (way) better the second game. wooooo. we also didn't win for best costume, BUT we won for the group with the most money raised. as that was the goal of the bowlathon, we were very happy with that win. we helped to raise $15k total for POWER. go us!

6. home. i've missed you. which brings me to....

some mad men quotes [s3e8]:
pete:"why is it a man on his own is a man you should pity, when she's the one (pete's single secretary) you should feel sorry for?" interesting.

AND what about this gem:
(betty speaking) "when you don't have any power, you have to delay things." mind.is.blown.

AND geez, what about sally?... i predict we have a major mover shaker on our hands. dare i say even a little lezzie in the making? that would be so rad.

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