08 October 2009

punk live

so the boo and i found out about a film showing called punk live at the main library (or, as i like to say, liberry). the films are about original san francisco punk rock bands in the late 70s to early 80s. we both like the music and learning about history, so that is what we decided to do on our usual wednesday date.

turns out, in our moment of punk rock-i-ness by deciding not to get there on time that we missed all the short films! oh well...there will be more in the coming weeks.

BUT we did get to see the exhibition of photos from these bands back in their heyday. there was also some music from the era playing to set the tone of the show.

it was cool to see that there were lots of all girl (grrl?) bands and latino groups too. in fact, alejandro escovedo, who is in an entirely different direction now, started off in one of these bands (the nuns). another one of the escovedo family members, javier, was in a group called los zeros.

it was a nice start to our typically great evenings. then we had little star deep dish pizza & wine and then rented adventureland. that movie is home of the best quote i've heard in quite sometime from a movie. it is delivered perfectly by former freaks & geeks actor, martin starr. here he is discussing his religious beliefs versus his cultural identity: i'm actually more of an atheist. well, more like a pragmatic nihilist or an existential pagan.

oh my god. we couldn't geeking out over that and rewinded it more than i care to admit and giggled each time. radness all around.

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