21 October 2009

grumpy mcgrumperson

someone/s kept this CT up way past her bedtime last night. i am less than thrilled. for someone who precariously tiptoes the line with insomnia nightly, sleep is rather precious to me cause i know the flip side of no sleep. it's hell and it really is no wonder they use it for torture purposes.

and since i also have control issues (but really, who doesn't?) that i'm trying to keep in check, i'm trying not to make this all about me and my sleep. but said persons definitely could be more respectful...so i'm trying to craft my bite to look like a bark, but still sting like a bite. i'm sure i will succeed. but should i?

the chola is being held off on her leash, but she's totally growling and snarling. i'll try to keep her in check. maybe all she needs is a bike ride. or fucking SLEEP.

< /end rant. >

one good thing about this morning...i heard the elliott smith song, "LA." it starts off just how i needed to hear things.
the gentleman steps out in the lane/
spinning his hat on a cane/
stepping' out/
out for a change/
good morning all/
it's a beautiful day.

i will repeat that as long as i need to this morning. and until tonight where i have a networking event and have to be "on."

it's a beautiful day.......

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