25 October 2009

girl in a coma

friday was a gorgeous day here in san francisco. the sun was shining, throwing prisms off the skyscrapers in soma. there were so many after work activities that i was getting really antsy waiting for the cattle call to be over so i could throw myself into the action. and that's just what i did.

i had a little too much on my plate as that i wanted to see a couple of friends and go to a pumpkin carving fiesta before seeing girl in a coma. i didn't get to do all that.

so punchy and i ended up going to cafe du nord to see the ladies. we, ok, I was more than a little buzzed when we got to the show. we found seats near the end of the bar. then i feel a tap on my shoulder. it's this fanboy and he asked me to take a picture of him and nina diaz. i was surprised at how leeeetle she is. she's so adorable i just want to fold her up and put her in my pocket. or bike basket.

then i conducted this extremly important and very long interview with her:
me: hey, i'm a fan, i'm from texas and i have lots of family in san antonio. where are you guys from?
nina: uh, hi. we're from the north side.
me: oh really? that's great. ok, bye!

and i turned back around and resume whatever important conversation i was having with punchy.

i took a few pics from the show. i was surprised the iphone got a few decent shots in there considering the lighting conditions.

what a doll

las seesters diaz.

get your rock on chicas!

a quiet moment.

those girls can put on a good show. punchy agreed, and he'd never heard them before. score!

peace out y'all.

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