08 October 2009

fleet week tweets

@calitexican: am not a fan of the blue angels. i bet anyone who was in manhattan 8 yrs ago agrees with me. (21 minutes ago from TwitterGadget)

@StevilKinevil: @calitexican Or anybody who might be a veteran of war. What a fucking waste of resources. (11 minutes ago from web in reply to calitexican)

@StevilKinevil: I remember a homeless man who very obviously suffered from PTSD Most likely a vet, and fleet week would send him into a sheer panic. So sad. (8 minutes ago from web)

@StevilKinevil: END RANT HERE. Go America. We rule. (3 minutes ago from web)

@calitexican: @StevilKinevil that's so sad & such a total waste of fuel & time & money and... team america. fuck yeah. (1 second ago from TwitterGadget in reply to StevilKinevil)

yes, it's true ladies and gentlemen. i don't like fleet week. that is putting it mildly. i think it's leftover PTSD from being in manhattan on 9/11. the fighter jets kept circling the city like hungry sharks circling blood in the ocean. & now it sounds just like that day. once every year. no thanks.

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