29 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition, ey?

1. while approaching 7th and market, an OG cholo with the ponytail and rubber bands all down the tail part said and nodded to me, "one less car, ey?" i was sort of stunned, that i just nodded with the hipster che hat and aviators, looking a lil CHiPs firme myself. he says, "thasss right," and crosses the street. i stare at his ponytail wondering if that just happened.

2. while still processing the above, an even older OG cholo steps out into the street while looking behind him. i almost ran right into him. watcha pendejo.

3. a jumper on 17th and valencia closed off valencia for 7 hours. i was like, wtf is going on here? what a mess. i believe the jumper was talked down.

4. at 19th and valencia, just two blocks and down the street: shooting for that new NBC show, trauma. did it get just a little meta in here guys, or is it just me?

5. my mind processing the cholo incidents, the real life trauma and the fake life trauma on the way to the boo's. i even said, "that was so fucking meta."

6. the cough of perpetual insistence TM is sort of subsiding. no extreme coughing fit due to riding bici. yay.

7. feeling the first slight SF chill of fall. brrrrr.

and life goes on. have a great ride everyone!

26 October 2009

tandem with duby

in thinking about whether or not to participate in the upcoming halloween edition of critical mass, i realized i forgot to post about last month!!

my bike riding buddy duby moved down south into the vortex of southern california, which seems to suck most of my friends into it with its alluring tractor beams of opportunity, space, and warm weather, among other things. before he did that though, we decided to ride one last critical mass. on a tandem bike.

we thought it was fitting since we had talked about renting one and riding it around before he left. neither of us had ridden one before, and we got a little taste of riding multi-person biking while riding around the fun cycle from the mission to fisherman's wharf after one of the sunday streets that happened in the mission.

picty by duby

so, here's the tandem we rented:

we were more than a little unsteady at the beginning of the ride, but we adjusted quickly. fast learning curve. we realized we just needed more momentum than just practing riding in circles in justin herman plaza.

once we found our footing, we were offfffff!

here we are on the tandem around fisherman's wharf. duby is in his pajama costume. i'm not cause i forgot we were supposed to dress up.


we counted 3 other tandems out there. we also got a lot of smiles and comments. this guy was particularly friendly, and man, look at that belt.

we had a good time, and ended the evening with some bad ass pizza in glen park. nomnom.

here's a couple of pics that meli took of both duby's and my first critical mass. that day was also the first time we met meli...while she was on a tandem. :)

vulcan by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

2ble panda by meligrosa.
foto by meligrosa

here's to enjoying the sunshine, being outside and having bikes be the best medicine for happiness & a great way to make friends.

so, i miss riding bikes with you duby! hopefully we can do so again soon.

25 October 2009

girl in a coma

friday was a gorgeous day here in san francisco. the sun was shining, throwing prisms off the skyscrapers in soma. there were so many after work activities that i was getting really antsy waiting for the cattle call to be over so i could throw myself into the action. and that's just what i did.

i had a little too much on my plate as that i wanted to see a couple of friends and go to a pumpkin carving fiesta before seeing girl in a coma. i didn't get to do all that.

so punchy and i ended up going to cafe du nord to see the ladies. we, ok, I was more than a little buzzed when we got to the show. we found seats near the end of the bar. then i feel a tap on my shoulder. it's this fanboy and he asked me to take a picture of him and nina diaz. i was surprised at how leeeetle she is. she's so adorable i just want to fold her up and put her in my pocket. or bike basket.

then i conducted this extremly important and very long interview with her:
me: hey, i'm a fan, i'm from texas and i have lots of family in san antonio. where are you guys from?
nina: uh, hi. we're from the north side.
me: oh really? that's great. ok, bye!

and i turned back around and resume whatever important conversation i was having with punchy.

i took a few pics from the show. i was surprised the iphone got a few decent shots in there considering the lighting conditions.

what a doll

las seesters diaz.

get your rock on chicas!

a quiet moment.

those girls can put on a good show. punchy agreed, and he'd never heard them before. score!

peace out y'all.

21 October 2009

so, as i clumsily described earlier, i was having a rather rough start to the day...

then i decided at lunch to call the docs and see what's upppppp with my cough cough/mocosa self.

turns out i have to go back to the pharmacy of 4 hours of my life wasted to get what i need. and then be grateful and outraged at the same time....that reference is for another day...

then i meet up with @elitegripes to go to an ivy league meeexter. along the way we think of this sentiment and proceed to post it to the twitterverse:

@elitegripes: going to ivy league alumni event, worried no other people of color will be there.

um, yah, it's funny, but that's no joke. so we go...and...we actually have a good time. imagine that. @elitegripes also runs into other west coasters that he knows, and it's all good. i also run into fellow calitexicans, well, he's actually a calitexan. a similar breed to myself, but still pretty different. i would liken the comparison to a golden retriever and a golden doodle.

moving on...

we then walk to "the" corner. wouldn't you like to know? where we proceeded to have a fantastic dinner. i say this as a veggie, and @elitegripes is a former veggie/vegan, so he is a strong sympathizer.

corner vino. empty. sad.

i have to say, this is the 2nd time i went and NOMNOMNOM...this time. FAR superior. we chowed down. and then betwix dinner and desssssert, EG proceeded to think of:

@elitegripes: not able to sign into yelp on palm pre to give glowing review of new american restaurant before everyone else.

honestly, and i say this as a 16 year vegetarian...that was one of the best meals i've had at a restaurant as a veggie. ever. top 5 for sure. it's so hard to say that at non veggie places. even at veggie places too cause the flavor is kinda non-existant or simply yummy in a comfort food kind of way. here... the flavors were so complex, just kept going and pleasing the palate after the mouthful was down the drain. and you just don't get that as a veggie usually. as a foodie, yes, but not as a veggie.

oh, and the wine was good. sangiovese. sigh.

i should probably mention @elitegripes liked his chicken because it was "cooked perfectly...and it's hard to do..."

so the rest of the night went like this:

corner still life

corner bici horsepower

i go outside and talk with the chef, not knowing he was the chef, and i blurt out my: thiswasagreatdinnerahmveggieandahdon'tsaythatlightlyandhey, why are you...looking...at me like that....

then he says, he's interested in what i have to say as a vegetarian because he's the chef, and the next time i go in to be sure & say oh, hai.
and i continue, andyoudoweirdfish/benderstoocause...admthefakefish&chipsaretodieforbuti'mstillnotabigfanofthe buffalogirls....and (take a deep mocosssssful breath here):

and i end with: ok, i will.

so...it was a nice night afterall. long day today, long day tomorrow. i know, i know... tiny violin playing............my favorite lil piece of classic. and yes, am listening to it now.

Now playing: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Henryk Szeryng & Sir Neville Marriner - Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BWV 1041: II. Andante
via FoxyTunes

then i text the boo to tell him i got home ok & this is what transpired:

buenas nachos peeps.

grumpy mcgrumperson

someone/s kept this CT up way past her bedtime last night. i am less than thrilled. for someone who precariously tiptoes the line with insomnia nightly, sleep is rather precious to me cause i know the flip side of no sleep. it's hell and it really is no wonder they use it for torture purposes.

and since i also have control issues (but really, who doesn't?) that i'm trying to keep in check, i'm trying not to make this all about me and my sleep. but said persons definitely could be more respectful...so i'm trying to craft my bite to look like a bark, but still sting like a bite. i'm sure i will succeed. but should i?

the chola is being held off on her leash, but she's totally growling and snarling. i'll try to keep her in check. maybe all she needs is a bike ride. or fucking SLEEP.

< /end rant. >

one good thing about this morning...i heard the elliott smith song, "LA." it starts off just how i needed to hear things.
the gentleman steps out in the lane/
spinning his hat on a cane/
stepping' out/
out for a change/
good morning all/
it's a beautiful day.

i will repeat that as long as i need to this morning. and until tonight where i have a networking event and have to be "on."

it's a beautiful day.......

20 October 2009


i am very far from vegan even though i am a vegetarian. i can't help it, i just like dairy. more than too much, but that's another topic for another day.

so, i was browsing the latimes and who knew...it's vegan month of food!


19 October 2009

coughing blows

so i've had this dumb mysterious and grossly productive cough going on 5 weeks now. it's showing slight signs of dissipating, but it's starting to get me down. and that is not ok.

ok, that's all.

15 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: healthy SF edition

1. tornado weather. i don't think those things happen in these parts, but over yonder in tejas, if this weather was going on, that meant a storm was a brewin' and to get ready. but since the sky isn't green (i swear it does!), i'll just hope that this isn't earthquake weather.

2. a poser cholo (kinda cute actually), skate towards me on the street while singing, "yeah, girl, you got it goin' on."

3. the cough of perpetual insistence. let's just say i hope it goes away soon.

4. riding in the rain. new trench coat, hipster che hat (i know, i know), and fenders all seemed to work well. i do believe that will be my riding in the rain uniform this winter. maybe a different hat though. the trench worked wonders.

09 October 2009

fleet week tweets: heehee edition...

@calitexican: no more fleet week please!! blood pressure going up as we speak...about 4 hours ago from Brizzly

@alejandway: @calitexican I feel like I'm in TopGun up here in the FiDi. There's a bogey! There's a bogey at 2 o'clock! about 4 hours ago from web in reply to calitexican

@calitexican: @alejandway if only there was goose behind me to, well, goose me or iceman to stick it to me or maverick to...give me volleyball tips. about 4 hours ago from Brizzly in reply to alejandway

@alejandway: @calitexican Hahaha! Just hit the brakes, he'll fly right by. about 4 hours ago from web in reply to calitexican

08 October 2009

el moz

this texican never got the memo about how i needed to love morrisey when i came out of the haze. yes, i'm ok with it. and it's not a being in texas thing either. i had friends in high school who were all about him.

but, you do know my love of the mexican institute of sound. here's a morrisey remix he did a lil while back.

Someone is Squeezing My Skull (Mexican Institute Of Sound vs NSM PSM Mix) by MexicanInstituteofSound

to further the woe is me fun..here's a goth makeup tutorial that made me snort out loud.


fleet week tweets

@calitexican: am not a fan of the blue angels. i bet anyone who was in manhattan 8 yrs ago agrees with me. (21 minutes ago from TwitterGadget)

@StevilKinevil: @calitexican Or anybody who might be a veteran of war. What a fucking waste of resources. (11 minutes ago from web in reply to calitexican)

@StevilKinevil: I remember a homeless man who very obviously suffered from PTSD Most likely a vet, and fleet week would send him into a sheer panic. So sad. (8 minutes ago from web)

@StevilKinevil: END RANT HERE. Go America. We rule. (3 minutes ago from web)

@calitexican: @StevilKinevil that's so sad & such a total waste of fuel & time & money and... team america. fuck yeah. (1 second ago from TwitterGadget in reply to StevilKinevil)

yes, it's true ladies and gentlemen. i don't like fleet week. that is putting it mildly. i think it's leftover PTSD from being in manhattan on 9/11. the fighter jets kept circling the city like hungry sharks circling blood in the ocean. & now it sounds just like that day. once every year. no thanks.

punk live

so the boo and i found out about a film showing called punk live at the main library (or, as i like to say, liberry). the films are about original san francisco punk rock bands in the late 70s to early 80s. we both like the music and learning about history, so that is what we decided to do on our usual wednesday date.

turns out, in our moment of punk rock-i-ness by deciding not to get there on time that we missed all the short films! oh well...there will be more in the coming weeks.

BUT we did get to see the exhibition of photos from these bands back in their heyday. there was also some music from the era playing to set the tone of the show.

it was cool to see that there were lots of all girl (grrl?) bands and latino groups too. in fact, alejandro escovedo, who is in an entirely different direction now, started off in one of these bands (the nuns). another one of the escovedo family members, javier, was in a group called los zeros.

it was a nice start to our typically great evenings. then we had little star deep dish pizza & wine and then rented adventureland. that movie is home of the best quote i've heard in quite sometime from a movie. it is delivered perfectly by former freaks & geeks actor, martin starr. here he is discussing his religious beliefs versus his cultural identity: i'm actually more of an atheist. well, more like a pragmatic nihilist or an existential pagan.

oh my god. we couldn't geeking out over that and rewinded it more than i care to admit and giggled each time. radness all around.

07 October 2009


sf is going to have a mandatory composting law soon. i'm excited about it. i haven't lived in a place that has a green bin, but now that we have to, it's time to get ready to think about what can and can't be composted.

woohoo. i always thought dairy/eggshells weren't compostable because of some sort of bacteria, but i guess i'm wrong. i think my cousin told me that, but i didn't do the adequate follow up research on that.

what a crunchy crunchy city i live in. welcome!

"i didn't sign up for this"

well, i didn't. so i left.

i'm not going to get into details, but i think now the paranoia of someone just might be based on some form of reality.

that's all i have to say about that. as little as i did say, i just needed to blurt it out.

thanks, and have a nice rest of your day.

05 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: case of the mondays edition

1. snot rockets. and no, not mine. ewwwwwww. :)

2. more wind. which brings on aforementioned snot rockets and my persistent cough.

3. beekeeper store! but closed. sad face. i want/need local honey! not sure if the farmer's market in the metreon has it. guess i have a walking expedition at work. the mama texican swears by the honey for allergies. i've seen it, i believe it. as i'm a savory person, this is not exactly a treat, but i could get some lemons to help take it down. i'm up for that.

4. hardly strictly bluegrass. turns out my prediction was sort of correct, but the timing was unfortunate for lyle & steve. i did see robert earl keen and got extremely homesick. and, true to form, i liked the "hardly strictly" part of the festival more than the bluegrass. just the way i was made people.

5. colma bart & serra bowl. as part of the bowlicious betties we (ok, I) bowled a horrendous first game, and we (I) got (way) better the second game. wooooo. we also didn't win for best costume, BUT we won for the group with the most money raised. as that was the goal of the bowlathon, we were very happy with that win. we helped to raise $15k total for POWER. go us!

6. home. i've missed you. which brings me to....

some mad men quotes [s3e8]:
pete:"why is it a man on his own is a man you should pity, when she's the one (pete's single secretary) you should feel sorry for?" interesting.

AND what about this gem:
(betty speaking) "when you don't have any power, you have to delay things." mind.is.blown.

AND geez, what about sally?... i predict we have a major mover shaker on our hands. dare i say even a little lezzie in the making? that would be so rad.

02 October 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: TGIF edition

1. a couple arguing on whether nor not they should live together. both parties sounded rather whiney. no thanks. you can have each other.

2. WIND! you are not my friend, homie.

3. SUN & HEAT! damn, you make me smell goooooood. like eau du bikeyrayofsunshine. ok, maybe not so good, but sweating is a little underrated.

4. little skillet! lunchtime soul food. today was for a good cause: % of profits going to flood relief. with a guest appearance from duby.

5. ANOTHER flat tire. time to take her to the doctors. wtf?

6. guanababies at el rio. what happens at el rio....stays between me and the boo.

7. (in the spirit of my apparent future telling abilities) maybe lyle lovett & steve martin at hardly strictly bluegrass.

8. the colma bart station: bowlicious betties are ON this weekend to raise money for POWER, a non-profit benefitting mission yewts and families.

have a great weekend! ride safe!

special shout out to meli & ade who are riding a lot of kilomiles to point reyes y back. i'll be thinking of ya while i'm bowling a strike...(i hope!)

01 October 2009


so the boo & i both had earthquake dreams on saturday night. both our dreams were very detailed. i was in LA for mine and there was a 7.6 and a 4.1 in my dream. the boo was in SF for his dream. i swear i'm not making this up, i told him all about it on sunday morning.

freaky, right? the one in indonesia yesterday was a 7.6. that's what sparked my memory of our dreams on saturday night.

uyyyy, cucui!