24 September 2009

what to do?!

yet again, SF has many things going on this friday. i wish i could temporarily clone myself to experience all of them at once, then come back in one piece.

MEAN STREETS! as referenced in my earlier post, i saw taxi driver last night at the castro. well, one of my favorite movies is mean streets. i've only seen it once. and then it immediately shot up to top 10 for me. anyway, it's going to be on friday in the castro. how cool! i guess it must be a scorsese sort of thing this week. i like that.

cellspace is having a benefit for the bike kitchen. i like cellspace, i like the bike kitchen. enough said.

and last but definitely not least is critical mass. this is the last one i'll be able to do with duby for awhile. but i'm not counting out that we will be able to do it again in, say, march? its going to be a special one, and i plan on doing a more fleshed out post on it.

needless to say, more stuff to do the better. and all in the misty cold too. welcome to fall. summer in SF was way too short.

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