10 September 2009

UPDATE: scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition

wouldn't you know it last night after i wrote the post below, i went to meet up with the boo and on my way i saw a good then scary bikey scene.

an aging hipster bikey father & tweenaged son were riding in front of me. they were going along talking about things, and i was looking around for more material for my scenes from the bikey lane. i noticed, for example, that it's already getting darker sooner, that the street lights on sanchez (where there has recently been crazy street construction) are nonexistent and wished that my headlight was brighter. you know, that sort of thing.

we were just minding our business, going south on sanchez. then the three of us turn east on to 17th.

those of you who live in SF probably know what's coming next.

for those of you who don't, i've seen tons of people (myself included) totally wipe out on muni tracks around the city. the turn from sanchez (heading south) and then east on to 17th street has tracks. see those lines down the middle of 17th? they are tracks. two sets of tracks = 4 slippery chances to fall into 8 tiny lines that like to grab at your thin road wheels:

View Larger Map and by the way, the red pin points are not relevant to this story.

last night we all successfully managed to turn east onto 17th from sanchez. yay, go us.

then you roll up to 17th & church, one block away, and they have a set of tracks that curves to the right, to the left, to all over the place. looks like a damn spider web.

View Larger Map and again, the red pin points are not relevant to this story

so....the tweenaged boy totally wipes out on the muni tracks just before he's completely in the middle of the DARK intersection & flew off his bike to the left and over the tracks. it was pretty chilling for me to see it right in front of me. i can just imagine what his dad must have felt like. he calmly turned around in all that mess of tracks and me. i kept going straight because there was a car in the intersection waiting to turn left. otherwise, i would have stopped right there. it all happened so fast.

i hope he is ok. i didn't hear any cries of pain or any bone crushing crunches. he's probably 12 or 13, so i'm thinking he's probably fine and bragging about it today. kind of akin to falling out of a tree or something. at least i hope it was like that. stay strong little man!


Adrienne Johnson said...

Cameron manages to throw himself over his handlebars on a regular basis. He has survived, thus far : )

the calitexican said...

yeah, i'm sure he (and cameron) will be fine as they fall off their bikes. i am, that's for sure. at least i think so ;)

Dottie said...

Yikes, I know what that's like!