24 September 2009

taxi driver take two

taxi driver, scorsese, 1976

a funny aside, i told my coworker about this movie and she had NO IDEA what it is, who was in it, etc. it made me feel old. she was born in the 80s afterall, however i don't think that's a good enough reason not to know about it. all my humble opinion of course.

i guess i don't have a review really. this movie really has been discussed to death i'm sure. i'll just share some short observations:

1. phone call to betsy after horrible first "date." the camera pans away from him and looks out a long florescent hallway that looks out to an open door while he's still having his awkward conversation. brilliant. i think we were all uncomfortable with this conversation. this shot reminds me of the respective open window shots of ang lee that i've discussed before in seen first in sense and sensibility and second in brokeback mountain.

2. shooting range: camera keeps going back, as if to further show how far away from reality travis is. until he can be seen no longer, but the fire from his gun is still making a flash.

3. good shot: panning overhead from the crime scene, in particular seeing the three cops frozen in the doorframe. so unusual, so brilliant. the pan continues outside, where you can see people crowding around the crime scene.

3. food: the stranger the food, the quirkier the personality. besty eats rather benign fruit. iris eats jelly on white bread with sugar, then puts it in a sandwich. and then what the hell does travis eat? it looked like wonder bread (see below) with milk, peach schnapps and sugar. huh?

4. product placement...hellooo! coke and mcdonalds. it worked. i totally wanted you for breakfast today! just kidding.

5. lots of VPL in the 70s. must have been the polyester on ...whatever the fabric was for panties in the 70s was. i don't remember myself because i was wearing cotton...diapers.

6. robert deniro was still as hot as in mean streets, even if his character was extremely mentally unstable. nomnomnom. pre BICed mohawk of course.

7. a few bikes, but just in passing in the background.


m e l i g r o s a said...

<3 #5
cotton chones

the calitexican said...

heehee, cotton chonechones are the best. apparently i wasn't a fan of them back in the day...but that's a story for the mama texican to tell.

m e l i g r o s a said...

...fuchi ;)