21 September 2009

scenes from a saturday

so as i may have mentioned on the interwebs, i'm a creature of habit. i tend to leave my apartment early-ish on saturday mornings and not return until monday morning. i spend time riding bikes and generally being outside with friends, then the rest of my time with the boo.

so keeping this in mind, the last time i heard a weather report was on either thursday or friday. there was talk of a heat wave, and the weather was gorrrrgeous. so, when i wake up on saturday, it's sort of misty, i thought it would burn off. there was no weather report on the radio because of the ongoing pledge drive, the iphone said 70s, so i thought i was set.

um, yeah. so i've been cold the past couple of days. it's ok, i'll be fine. really, i will. ;-)

so this is how i spent 1/2 of saturday in picture form.

off to ride bike with the ess bros. foggy and humid is on the weather for today. that's ok, we're off to the beach anyway!

panda, la di da la di daaaaah...biking by the ocean, on our way to some caffeine. la di daaaah.

i pledge allegiance...nice wacky funhouses thanks to the iphone and being on mi bici

ruhroh. wheel is too close to frame. we're at the edge of the franciverse™. what are we going to do?!

bikeman ben comes to the rescue for the lemond. phew.

home sweet home. wouldn't you love to come home to all these bikes and still have room to move around your apartment? oh, and to know there's room for more bikes too? as in a certain white one hanging on a wall?

time for scrabble, tamales and a beer!

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