29 September 2009

scenes from the bikey lane

1. men on mixtes! three to be exact.

2. much fewer cars on market street (heading east only), so much so that it is now a damn pleasure to ride on!

3. tsunami warnings!


m e l i g r o s a said...

when i got the text-news about the tsunami, I thought those signs in OB do have a purpose.
CPR, takes a new acronymismo:
correle pendejo rapido!!!

the calitexican said...

heehee...that made me LOL for reals.

Dottie said...

Men on mixtes = very nice :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

I seriously doubt you would hear "correle pendejo" in the Outer Sunset. More like- "Dude! Look at that wave! It's kinda big."