09 September 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition

things i saw today from the bikey lane included (but not limited to) the following:

1. a spandexy guy on his way to a long ride and on his way back. he gave me a double take too, cause really, who would've guessed?

2. a bike trailer with apparently nothing in it. why?

3. a little latino boy standing on the seat of a bmx bike and his hands on the shoulders of his guardian. the guardian had his hands on the handlebars. they were right at a busy intersection (octavia and market) and i got nervous for them, then i chilled out. they were stopped and pointing a lot of stuff downtown. it was really cute because i love seeing little kids on bikes and this little kid was adorable and really excited at whatever they were looking at.

4. me huffing and puffing up market. some days it's just harder to go up hills. for me, today was one of those days.


Dottie said...

I like reading your scenes from the bike lane. Always fun stuff going on, and it reminds me to be more observant of all that's around me.

the calitexican said...

thanks! i am getting positive feedback from it, so i think i'll keep it around for awhile. once i took off the headphones (i know, i know...), i realized all i was missing. basically just needing to smell the flowers.