28 September 2009

overheard in SF

saturday night. en route to a super late dinner in the mission with the boo.

guy #1: the mission is like europe man. you can drink on the streets. (takes a swig from his brown bagged tallboy)

guy#2: so, where are you from?

guy #1: cow hollow.

(for those of you outside SF, cow hollow is a few neighborhoods north of the mission district.)

addendum: seen in SF
(just after above conversation)
4 girls, all with skirts ending right under their hooohas. sigh.

convo #2
(after hearing and seeing the above)
me: babe, this means your neighborhood is so over.

boo: well, what about your neighborhood babe?

me: it's where the cool kids go when they turn 30 cause they're sick of seeing that shit.

1 comment:

m e l i g r o s a said...

"(for those of you outside SF...)" I think even people 'in' SF dont know it. Not missing much, but still.

Like north beach, which is also a few blocks north - eh eh?!?! ;)

cow hollow. woot woot