04 September 2009

fall down. go boom.

if you were to know me in real life, you know i'm rather clumsy. two things happened in two days to confirm i should probably be walking and sleeping with a helmet.

1. yesterday morning i set my phone as my alarm. in my sleepy-eyed daze, i was fumbling with the touch screen when the phone fell out of my hands and hit me on my eyebrow. sana sana.

2. today i was bending down to sweep my floor and hit my forehead on the windowsill. ouuuuch. and i think i'm gonna have a bump. sana sana.

i'm surprised i can ride a bike at all. but i do! once i'm rolling, i'm usually pretty good to go. in fact, i've somehow balanced myself the two times i thought i was surely going wipeout in traffic. one was in the middle of van ness and market while trying to avoid aggressive (and i bet inexperienced) fixie riders. another time a friend of mine swerved to avoid glass in golden gate park and hit my front wheel. so that's good at least.

this weekend the bay bridge, the bridge that links the east bay to san francisco, is closed. let's see how fun it'll be being stuck inside sf (aka how i life my life pretty much every day)!! i bet bart will be a madhouse. maybe some of the alternative transportation options drivers must resort to will rub off and stick to them come tuesday morning.

and good news for all of us that live in SF. sunday streets is going to be permanent starting in 2010. i'm so glad. it's a fun and healthy way for people to get out, meet people, experience new things.

and we wont discuss the delayed hearing for lifting the bike injunction (siiiiigh) cause that's just not a good way to celebrate these fantastic first days of summer (yes, summer) here in SF. woooooohooo! our summers start in september and go until october. then it rains. a lot.

have a great labor day weekend! ride safe.

oh, and one last thing, shout out the doo-bee for surviving intact his first dooring. apparently it was a passenger in a car that was in traffic that was the culprit, not the typical dooring we hear of where driver's side door opens from a parked car. that knee will be better soon!

so again, ride safe and watch out for doors! happy friday.


Dottie said...

Ha. I'm good once I get going, too (mostly). My bikes have a bad habit of falling on me when I'm standing over them, though. Usually when I'm turned around to dig something off the back rack. I've gotten many scratches and grease stains from such occurrences.

the calitexican said...

heehee. my mixte has a habit of scratching me and leaving pretty gnarly scars from falling over when i take things out of the front basket. but i love her anyway :)