17 September 2009

cough, cough

that has been my IM status for the past week. i have this little nasty cough that strikes at the seemingly most inopportune times. as such, i've been off my bikey. and have been carrying around a sad face inside. awwwwwww...jk.

ANYWAY, so i've been off the bike and been taking muni. while waiting for the bus i've been seeing people fly by me on their bikes and i've been looking at them wistfully. then i cough & (try to) take a deep breath and i realize it's for my own good.

i'm still hacking, but i want to FINALLY try the pushbike ladies ride tonight. i've missed it the past two times because i either forgot or thought it was on the wrong thursday. i've confirmed today that there will be one, so now i need to decide if i'll be ok to ride more than a few miles. since i miss riding so much, i want do it with the caveat that if i need to stop riding, i will.

ok ladies. i'm in this time.

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