17 September 2009


sometimes i forget where i live. i mean i am fully aware i live in SF, but i don't really take advantage of living in a city along an OCEAN. it's probably because it's usually cold and windy and way before i make it to the beach, i have sand in my eyes and mouth. pftpftpft...

as i mentioned before, i've been coughing something gnasty this week, so i wasn't sure i would be able to meet up with the pushbike ladies ride tonight. but the minute i stepped outside at 4:15ish, i knew i HAD to go, cough or no cough.

so i did, and it was a great nice and mellow ride. part of the ride took us along the ocean. the smells of bonfires permeated all of our noses and we all smiled as the smell triggered different memories in all of us.

and as i rode along, i kept looking to my right. and i swear, i saw the edge of the earth, just before it curves around, 7 miles high where you can see the bright blue edge of atmosphere turning into the universe beyond. it kind of blew my mind.

then i spaced out, we rode back to the mission, felt my legs burn a bit, then went to benders and & had the fake fish and chips i've been wanting. it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be, but i have hope for it soon.

and then i came home. about 4 hours later. and all i can think of is that sliver of bright blue atmosphere.


m e l i g r o s a said...

the wonderful unstable world of seitan, y mocos. Hope ur *tos is better my lady.
glad you made it out, fun group rite?

to the end of the franciverse. <3 weeeee

the calitexican said...

franciverse! yes, exactly!! love it!

i'm still hacking, sigh, but i'm back on the bici, so we'll see how long it takes to go away. booo!