10 September 2009

9/10/01...about 6pm

9/10/01 was the day i first got a cellphone. it was a red nokia. i got it right after work. i dragged a coworker with me before we went out with lots of friends. you know, a "typical" monday night for a few paralegals and a couple of teachers just out of college.

this was the night the roommate of my coworker (both of whom lived in new jersey) decided he wanted to stay out late because he like one of my roommates.

those two boys were english and kept calling me a "dirty bird." those two boys made me laugh.

if i recall correctly, we were in siberia (a bar, not the actual location) in midtown manhattan.

because i was in manhattan and we stayed out very late, as in 2am---ish..., i crashed in manhattan since work was in manhattan and i lived in brooklyn.

the boys made their way back to jersey.

one boy was late to work the next day. our night of drinking and flirting saved his life.

i will never forget those few days surrounding 9/11. i was in manhattan. and i was scared.

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