29 September 2009

scenes from the bikey lane

1. men on mixtes! three to be exact.

2. much fewer cars on market street (heading east only), so much so that it is now a damn pleasure to ride on!

3. tsunami warnings!

28 September 2009

overheard in SF

saturday night. en route to a super late dinner in the mission with the boo.

guy #1: the mission is like europe man. you can drink on the streets. (takes a swig from his brown bagged tallboy)

guy#2: so, where are you from?

guy #1: cow hollow.

(for those of you outside SF, cow hollow is a few neighborhoods north of the mission district.)

addendum: seen in SF
(just after above conversation)
4 girls, all with skirts ending right under their hooohas. sigh.

convo #2
(after hearing and seeing the above)
me: babe, this means your neighborhood is so over.

boo: well, what about your neighborhood babe?

me: it's where the cool kids go when they turn 30 cause they're sick of seeing that shit.

24 September 2009

taxi driver take two

taxi driver, scorsese, 1976

a funny aside, i told my coworker about this movie and she had NO IDEA what it is, who was in it, etc. it made me feel old. she was born in the 80s afterall, however i don't think that's a good enough reason not to know about it. all my humble opinion of course.

i guess i don't have a review really. this movie really has been discussed to death i'm sure. i'll just share some short observations:

1. phone call to betsy after horrible first "date." the camera pans away from him and looks out a long florescent hallway that looks out to an open door while he's still having his awkward conversation. brilliant. i think we were all uncomfortable with this conversation. this shot reminds me of the respective open window shots of ang lee that i've discussed before in seen first in sense and sensibility and second in brokeback mountain.

2. shooting range: camera keeps going back, as if to further show how far away from reality travis is. until he can be seen no longer, but the fire from his gun is still making a flash.

3. good shot: panning overhead from the crime scene, in particular seeing the three cops frozen in the doorframe. so unusual, so brilliant. the pan continues outside, where you can see people crowding around the crime scene.

3. food: the stranger the food, the quirkier the personality. besty eats rather benign fruit. iris eats jelly on white bread with sugar, then puts it in a sandwich. and then what the hell does travis eat? it looked like wonder bread (see below) with milk, peach schnapps and sugar. huh?

4. product placement...hellooo! coke and mcdonalds. it worked. i totally wanted you for breakfast today! just kidding.

5. lots of VPL in the 70s. must have been the polyester on ...whatever the fabric was for panties in the 70s was. i don't remember myself because i was wearing cotton...diapers.

6. robert deniro was still as hot as in mean streets, even if his character was extremely mentally unstable. nomnomnom. pre BICed mohawk of course.

7. a few bikes, but just in passing in the background.

what to do?!

yet again, SF has many things going on this friday. i wish i could temporarily clone myself to experience all of them at once, then come back in one piece.

MEAN STREETS! as referenced in my earlier post, i saw taxi driver last night at the castro. well, one of my favorite movies is mean streets. i've only seen it once. and then it immediately shot up to top 10 for me. anyway, it's going to be on friday in the castro. how cool! i guess it must be a scorsese sort of thing this week. i like that.

cellspace is having a benefit for the bike kitchen. i like cellspace, i like the bike kitchen. enough said.

and last but definitely not least is critical mass. this is the last one i'll be able to do with duby for awhile. but i'm not counting out that we will be able to do it again in, say, march? its going to be a special one, and i plan on doing a more fleshed out post on it.

needless to say, more stuff to do the better. and all in the misty cold too. welcome to fall. summer in SF was way too short.

taxi driver

saw taxi driver at the castro theater last night. i had never seen it all together in one piece, much less on film on a big screen, so that was great. i plan on writing about it in a post to come soon. complete with thoughts of where this fits on my ongoing, yet totes on hold, gangster movie marathon.

shortest recap ever: i thought it was great and can't stop thinking about it.

21 September 2009

scenes from a saturday

so as i may have mentioned on the interwebs, i'm a creature of habit. i tend to leave my apartment early-ish on saturday mornings and not return until monday morning. i spend time riding bikes and generally being outside with friends, then the rest of my time with the boo.

so keeping this in mind, the last time i heard a weather report was on either thursday or friday. there was talk of a heat wave, and the weather was gorrrrgeous. so, when i wake up on saturday, it's sort of misty, i thought it would burn off. there was no weather report on the radio because of the ongoing pledge drive, the iphone said 70s, so i thought i was set.

um, yeah. so i've been cold the past couple of days. it's ok, i'll be fine. really, i will. ;-)

so this is how i spent 1/2 of saturday in picture form.

off to ride bike with the ess bros. foggy and humid is on the weather for today. that's ok, we're off to the beach anyway!

panda, la di da la di daaaaah...biking by the ocean, on our way to some caffeine. la di daaaah.

i pledge allegiance...nice wacky funhouses thanks to the iphone and being on mi bici

ruhroh. wheel is too close to frame. we're at the edge of the franciverse™. what are we going to do?!

bikeman ben comes to the rescue for the lemond. phew.

home sweet home. wouldn't you love to come home to all these bikes and still have room to move around your apartment? oh, and to know there's room for more bikes too? as in a certain white one hanging on a wall?

time for scrabble, tamales and a beer!

18 September 2009

happy park(ing) day

today is friday, park(ing) day all around the globe. i will be on the lookout for them on my way downtown.

Originally created by Rebar, San Francisco art and design collective, PARK(ing) Day is an annual, one-day, global event where artists, activists, and citizens independently but simultaneously temporarily transform metered parking spots into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public parks.

i saw this last year down in the financial district and the suits mainly looked confused.

and i'm totes back on bici, so i think i'll leave soon to go find some parks.

oh, and btw, listening to ira glass bust npr listeners for listening for years and not paying. it's funny listening to him reason with people. the person he busted this morning was this man who on an online dating site listed the top 5 things he couldn't live without. number one was npr. the woman who would become his wife and mother of their two children liked that list back in the day. then totally busted him for using npr to pick up chicks and never donate, even though apparently he can during this crapppppy economy. me thinks the combo of ira glass and his wife worked.

17 September 2009


sometimes i forget where i live. i mean i am fully aware i live in SF, but i don't really take advantage of living in a city along an OCEAN. it's probably because it's usually cold and windy and way before i make it to the beach, i have sand in my eyes and mouth. pftpftpft...

as i mentioned before, i've been coughing something gnasty this week, so i wasn't sure i would be able to meet up with the pushbike ladies ride tonight. but the minute i stepped outside at 4:15ish, i knew i HAD to go, cough or no cough.

so i did, and it was a great nice and mellow ride. part of the ride took us along the ocean. the smells of bonfires permeated all of our noses and we all smiled as the smell triggered different memories in all of us.

and as i rode along, i kept looking to my right. and i swear, i saw the edge of the earth, just before it curves around, 7 miles high where you can see the bright blue edge of atmosphere turning into the universe beyond. it kind of blew my mind.

then i spaced out, we rode back to the mission, felt my legs burn a bit, then went to benders and & had the fake fish and chips i've been wanting. it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be, but i have hope for it soon.

and then i came home. about 4 hours later. and all i can think of is that sliver of bright blue atmosphere.

cough, cough

that has been my IM status for the past week. i have this little nasty cough that strikes at the seemingly most inopportune times. as such, i've been off my bikey. and have been carrying around a sad face inside. awwwwwww...jk.

ANYWAY, so i've been off the bike and been taking muni. while waiting for the bus i've been seeing people fly by me on their bikes and i've been looking at them wistfully. then i cough & (try to) take a deep breath and i realize it's for my own good.

i'm still hacking, but i want to FINALLY try the pushbike ladies ride tonight. i've missed it the past two times because i either forgot or thought it was on the wrong thursday. i've confirmed today that there will be one, so now i need to decide if i'll be ok to ride more than a few miles. since i miss riding so much, i want do it with the caveat that if i need to stop riding, i will.

ok ladies. i'm in this time.

16 September 2009

KQED Radio: This is Your Brain on Asphalt

i'm not about to contribute to the bike helmet war, but this woman did make me mad this morning. grrrr.

happy diez y seis everyone!

KQED Radio: This is Your Brain on Asphalt

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15 September 2009

y ahora, música...

yoyoyo. just stumbled across the video for mexican institute of sound's "yo digo baila." so here it is below. and below that is the video for alocatel.

i like how "yo digo baila" looks like how the music sounds. what i mean by that is that it's in black and white & features dancers dressed in traditional mexican costumes, but the look and feel of it is utterly contemporary. similarly, lara's music incorporates old school banda beats, but he adds a lot of electronic aspects to transform it to make it more of an updated sound.

enjoy. and happy mexican independence day everyone!

14 September 2009

two times two

happy almost anniversary boo. love you.

10 September 2009

9/11/01 about 8:58 am

because i didn't go home to brooklyn, i was spared riding the manhattan bridge and seeing for myself a plane crash into one of the tallest buildings in the world. i know this because another coworker of mine lived 1/2 block away from me and we often took the same train into work. he told me they were stalled on the bridge and he saw it for himself.

i was about a 100 blocks north of him. i saw it happen on the morning news. the first plane had hit when i was in the shower and there was a weird static on the tv which made me get out of the room to look at it. i then saw the 2nd plane hit. the hairs went up the back of my neck in a way i never knew was possible. i knew that was the train i had to take to get into work.

9/10/01...about 6pm

9/10/01 was the day i first got a cellphone. it was a red nokia. i got it right after work. i dragged a coworker with me before we went out with lots of friends. you know, a "typical" monday night for a few paralegals and a couple of teachers just out of college.

this was the night the roommate of my coworker (both of whom lived in new jersey) decided he wanted to stay out late because he like one of my roommates.

those two boys were english and kept calling me a "dirty bird." those two boys made me laugh.

if i recall correctly, we were in siberia (a bar, not the actual location) in midtown manhattan.

because i was in manhattan and we stayed out very late, as in 2am---ish..., i crashed in manhattan since work was in manhattan and i lived in brooklyn.

the boys made their way back to jersey.

one boy was late to work the next day. our night of drinking and flirting saved his life.

i will never forget those few days surrounding 9/11. i was in manhattan. and i was scared.

UPDATE: scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition

wouldn't you know it last night after i wrote the post below, i went to meet up with the boo and on my way i saw a good then scary bikey scene.

an aging hipster bikey father & tweenaged son were riding in front of me. they were going along talking about things, and i was looking around for more material for my scenes from the bikey lane. i noticed, for example, that it's already getting darker sooner, that the street lights on sanchez (where there has recently been crazy street construction) are nonexistent and wished that my headlight was brighter. you know, that sort of thing.

we were just minding our business, going south on sanchez. then the three of us turn east on to 17th.

those of you who live in SF probably know what's coming next.

for those of you who don't, i've seen tons of people (myself included) totally wipe out on muni tracks around the city. the turn from sanchez (heading south) and then east on to 17th street has tracks. see those lines down the middle of 17th? they are tracks. two sets of tracks = 4 slippery chances to fall into 8 tiny lines that like to grab at your thin road wheels:

View Larger Map and by the way, the red pin points are not relevant to this story.

last night we all successfully managed to turn east onto 17th from sanchez. yay, go us.

then you roll up to 17th & church, one block away, and they have a set of tracks that curves to the right, to the left, to all over the place. looks like a damn spider web.

View Larger Map and again, the red pin points are not relevant to this story

so....the tweenaged boy totally wipes out on the muni tracks just before he's completely in the middle of the DARK intersection & flew off his bike to the left and over the tracks. it was pretty chilling for me to see it right in front of me. i can just imagine what his dad must have felt like. he calmly turned around in all that mess of tracks and me. i kept going straight because there was a car in the intersection waiting to turn left. otherwise, i would have stopped right there. it all happened so fast.

i hope he is ok. i didn't hear any cries of pain or any bone crushing crunches. he's probably 12 or 13, so i'm thinking he's probably fine and bragging about it today. kind of akin to falling out of a tree or something. at least i hope it was like that. stay strong little man!

09 September 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: hump day edition

things i saw today from the bikey lane included (but not limited to) the following:

1. a spandexy guy on his way to a long ride and on his way back. he gave me a double take too, cause really, who would've guessed?

2. a bike trailer with apparently nothing in it. why?

3. a little latino boy standing on the seat of a bmx bike and his hands on the shoulders of his guardian. the guardian had his hands on the handlebars. they were right at a busy intersection (octavia and market) and i got nervous for them, then i chilled out. they were stopped and pointing a lot of stuff downtown. it was really cute because i love seeing little kids on bikes and this little kid was adorable and really excited at whatever they were looking at.

4. me huffing and puffing up market. some days it's just harder to go up hills. for me, today was one of those days.

04 September 2009

fall down. go boom.

if you were to know me in real life, you know i'm rather clumsy. two things happened in two days to confirm i should probably be walking and sleeping with a helmet.

1. yesterday morning i set my phone as my alarm. in my sleepy-eyed daze, i was fumbling with the touch screen when the phone fell out of my hands and hit me on my eyebrow. sana sana.

2. today i was bending down to sweep my floor and hit my forehead on the windowsill. ouuuuch. and i think i'm gonna have a bump. sana sana.

i'm surprised i can ride a bike at all. but i do! once i'm rolling, i'm usually pretty good to go. in fact, i've somehow balanced myself the two times i thought i was surely going wipeout in traffic. one was in the middle of van ness and market while trying to avoid aggressive (and i bet inexperienced) fixie riders. another time a friend of mine swerved to avoid glass in golden gate park and hit my front wheel. so that's good at least.

this weekend the bay bridge, the bridge that links the east bay to san francisco, is closed. let's see how fun it'll be being stuck inside sf (aka how i life my life pretty much every day)!! i bet bart will be a madhouse. maybe some of the alternative transportation options drivers must resort to will rub off and stick to them come tuesday morning.

and good news for all of us that live in SF. sunday streets is going to be permanent starting in 2010. i'm so glad. it's a fun and healthy way for people to get out, meet people, experience new things.

and we wont discuss the delayed hearing for lifting the bike injunction (siiiiigh) cause that's just not a good way to celebrate these fantastic first days of summer (yes, summer) here in SF. woooooohooo! our summers start in september and go until october. then it rains. a lot.

have a great labor day weekend! ride safe.

oh, and one last thing, shout out the doo-bee for surviving intact his first dooring. apparently it was a passenger in a car that was in traffic that was the culprit, not the typical dooring we hear of where driver's side door opens from a parked car. that knee will be better soon!

so again, ride safe and watch out for doors! happy friday.