22 August 2009

sf smells like dog doo. no really, it does

seriously. last night i was riding around to meet up for ladies night and i couldn't help but be paranoid the whole way there. i kept checking my feet, my shirt, my jeans, my jacket. i couldn't find the dog poop smell that kept following me. and then i was going to be sitting inside, but not being able to find the offensive stain was driving me sort of insane. cause really, how embarassing, right? i kept putting my hands under my nose to smell the soap i had just used to wash my hands.

turns out, i was not the only one to smell it. and the ladies also confirmed that they smelled it too. so weird! and smell, smell go away please. i like being outside and not smelling dog poo everytime i take a breath. thank you.

that is all.

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