28 August 2009

scenes from the bikey lane

just from the past couple of days:

1. a meter maid on bike going slowly, then me passing him, then him catching up to me at a light on 9th street. i was nervous with no discernible reason to be so. he said, "it's a nice day for a ride." i smile at him, almost like i didn't understand what he said, then struck back with, "yes, it is. wasn't so sure it would be this morning," as my skirt flapped about in the wind.

2. aforementioned skirt flapping about in the wind alllll around town. hi everyone! no, nothing scandalous was shown. but must admit i was nervous it would be a couple of times. i'm looking at you intersection at fox plaza.

3. a man on a mountain bike not only running through a stop sign to get past me, but also running over a pigeon's wing at the same time. i saw this very clearly and am still disturbed by it. it was a hit and run. he kept going, while i saw the incident completely. i was pretty disgusted and i said, "REALLY?" very loudly. i looked over at a blonde pedestrian walking next to me. she and i talked about it briefly, then i crossed the street to meet up with my friend. she saw the whole thing too. ew.

4. a few steep blocks of liberty hill. i'm trying to get better at riding hills, so i was like, bring it on!! unfortunately, the last hill on that one street i was trying to cross over did get me in the end. next time my frienemy, next time.


Dottie said...

Skirts = lovely. Maiming birds = sick. The ups and the downs.

the calitexican said...

i was really disturbed at his nonchalance about it. i know it's kind of like what can you do about this pigeon, can you pick it up and move it, do you just leave it there? but he didn't even stop to have that conversation. very disturbing.