28 August 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: friday night edition

1. a cat climbing out of the front basket over on to the rider's lap, over her shoulders down her back to the panniers, then up on her shoulders again. all in the space of like 5 seconds.

2. while riding to park bikes for outside lands, i saw human hell. ok, that's a bit dramatic, but i saw a group of teens, one of whom yelled in a gentlemanly (kidding) manner, "show me your tits! i'll show you mine," as he raised his shirt to his chin. i usually ignore crapola like that, but the chola in me (who has been dormant for quite some time i might add), just wanted to run over him with my bike and punch him in the mouth for being so disrespectful. what an ass.

3. while riding to park bikes for outside lands, i saw bike heaven. all the lanes taken over by bikes. then i realized i caught up to critical mass. fine with me. it was pretty mellow.

4. while parking bikes i saw someone steal a bike from the self park area. not to be mean, but that's why bike valet is provided. it's a safe and free alternative to parking your bike in the woods of golden gate park. also, please do not use cable locks to lock up an $800 new mountain bike. it took the thief awhile, enough time for some of us to chase after him, but he got it in the end. so sad.

alls i want now is a nice cold beer. it's 80s at night. feels like a nice austin evening in the fall. like a light, yet warm, comfy blanket permanently surrounding you. this is my ideal night out of all the ones i can think of.

oh, and today was the first time i've ever used bug spray while in california. weird. and, again, brought me back to my summers/early falls in austin.

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