18 August 2009


so the past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. i've been trying to find a new roommate while at the same time applying to jobs and cat sitting. so i've been back and forth and back and forth. meeting new people, posting ads, screening people, etc. and now i've found the two quiet people i've been looking for. i've never lived with dudes before, but honestly, i'm kind of over living with girls. i've been doing that since i was 18, and except for one time with elle, it's been kind of rough, so i think it's time to change it up. as long as they are somewhat clean in the bathroom, i think it'll be fine. less drama, that's for sure.

meanwhile the old roomie is already gone to nyc and left behind her household. seriously a washington state house was stuffed into this apt, and she just left with the cats and what her car could fit. a friend came to pack up her stuff (nice...), and in the process stirred up a whirlwind of cat hair. ugh. i miss the kiddos, but man, that hair is driving me bananas.

so in the past couple of days since i made sure A's cat did not die under my watch in the mission, i've been a hermit up in the LH and i love it. just some downtime before she comes back from nyc to pack up and leave. then i get two new roommates. just enjoying being here, doing my thing, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen (cause my roommate made this a hotel for a couple of weeks for some friends of hers and they didn't clean up after themselves..........), thinking of soundproofing and cleaning out my own room as if i were going to move.

i've also been off the bike for extended periods of time. boo. just been on mainly for transportation back and forth, which has been frequent, but not substantial. i think tomorrow i'll go for a longer ride, clean my head, and enjoy the quiet before the bigger changes happen.

tomorrow is a new day.

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