17 August 2009

moon v. district 9 v. mad men v. lowriders

the doobster sent me a cool link regarding the two recent science fiction movies the moon v. district 9.

super short attention span recap of the moon: i almost fell asleep in the first 1/3rd of the movie, then it got better and i loved the rest. would recommend, but possibly as a rental.

i had conflicting views of d-9. i didn't like major aspects of it (somewhat spoiler ahead): i didn't like the shaky camera on a big screen nor did i like the gore/violence. it was too much for me. the shaky camera is super nauseating to me on a big screen, so i had to avert my eyes sometimes.

on the flip side: i loved the fact they packed so much social commentary into this movie. the commentary might have been a little unfocused at times, but overall, geez. very good stuff. the boo and i couldn't stop talking about it, then we promised each other we would revisit discussing the movie later this week.

and then mad men returned!! oh my god. don draper has quite possibly the best lines with the best & appropriate delivery of any character i've ever seen on a movie or a tv show. for instance: "i keep going places and ending up somewhere i've already been." jeebus h...just let that one marinate for awhile. another one: "limit your exposure." i wont spoil the quotes/episode for you if you haven't seen it yet. but if you are a fan, please see it. the layers and layers of meaning are just perfect. yet again. i would love to write for a show like that!

this episode was a bit understated, kind of like stepping gently down into a pool. love. it. here's a good recap.

we also made more progress on our car this weekend. we did some more details on the inside. turns out i have a talent at painting & doing decals for really small details. it's called a toothpick, tweezers and a steady hand. we glued the inside together and it looks pretty right on. only had the iphone though, and it didn't get good pics cause the model is just so small. it's so nice, we can't stop looking at it. our baby's coming together.

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