03 August 2009

MIS/IMS: night two

so, i went to the second night of mexican institute of sound in SF at the make out room. ta. ma. coo'. but instead of being all up front dancing & sticking my camera in peeps faces, i thought that others should have the chance to do just that themselves. so i sat way back in a booth with my boo. and we just had a great time people watching, MIS/IMS listening, and (ok, just me) dancing. wow, it was effin' coo'...again. and true to the name of the place, i made out with my boo (hi mom!!) 'cause PDA "is encouraged" at the make out room. go figure.

at the show my boo saw this dude and he got all friend crushy on him. (he's the one in the middle...)

to be honest, i was taken by his esssstyle too. check it out... he had full on marty mcfly style: checkered button down short sleeve, super tight (prob 29s) dickies khakis with full on floodies & high top black chucks. swooooooon. i was not able to take a full on frontal (hi mom!!) pic of his hair and glasses, but he had thick plastic glasses and slicked back hair. a. d. m.

oh, and so the reason the boo got the friend crush on this marty mcfly dood is cause my boo rocks a certain 1950s style himself. he has short military haircut, black plastic glasses, leather boots, black or white plain shirt, and jeans/khakis. and he doesn't deviate much from that. and i like the look a lot. he might as well have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve and then he could be danny zucko/50s greaser. swooon. so basically my boo was saying (the next day too i might add) that he wished he had the huevos to wear what marty mcfly was wearing. heehee.

so the second MIS/IMS show was sort of short. afterwards we went to our favorite tequila place next door to the make out room that has mariachis and people about a generation older than us (hi mom!!). as usual, i made out with my boo, danced with 70 yr old men & my boo and then we went home where i tried to take "artsy" pics. here's one. it actually came out ok.

so on sunday we balanced out our saturday night with los jarritos, benders, dolores park and each other. i love my boo immensely. te quiero mucho mi amor...

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