10 August 2009

crafting lowriders with the boo...aww, yeah

so the boo and i have been doing a project we've both wanted to do since we were about 7-10 years old. i've always been a bit of a tomboy, and i used to go with my dad to craft stores. these craft stores had model cars. i knew my dad liked cars, so we both talked about getting a model and working on it since it involves some crafting things like painting, putting things together and customization.

i never knew why we didn't until now. i believe i expressed my interest in this about 8 or 9. on the model, it says not for under 10. that's probably reason one. 2nd reason is a mere offshoot of reason one. most likey at 8 or 9 i would have been so excited to make one, that i would have rushed through it.

which brings us to my boo. he was also about my age when he expressed an interest in making model cars. only, he got them. his interest included cars, but extended to the tanks and planes too. he entered competitions and was encouraged by his local craft store owner. cute right? so he has experience, but he also ran into the impatience problem that happens when you are a young person.

so the two of us have taken our time making this lowrider. we have saved working on it on sundays for a few reasons, but mainly because we find for the paint to truly dry properly, we have to wait a week. and so it's been about a month, give or take a week, for us to work on our first impala thus far. i'm used to doing crafty things with significant others, but this is our first crafty-ish thing to do together. and his first craft project with a significant other at all, which i like to hear cause we both think it's super fun. we have another model too just waiting for us to start it when we tire of this one. ;)

and i have to say, our little baby is turning out reallly nice. we did a lot of the detailing yesterday, and it is...well, esuper guau. the outside is white, inside white & turquoise, and the bottom is black. there are chrome parts in the engine and trunk, wheels are low, it's up in the front. it looks pretty firme man. maybe we'll start crusin' the pages of lowrider bicycle magazine... :)

now onto watch anthony bourdain hangout in the bar and japanese restaurant across the street. ummhmm. i hear he disses alice waters. cause he's a super contrary contrarian...

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Duby said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of the lowrider!